: High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Universal Dental Water Supply
The DWS-HERO incorporates many modern water technologies into one compact system.
Filtration system removes sediment down to micron, depending on model.
Electric pump system and optional input water temperature control ensure peak clean water production.
Automatically shuts down during master water cut-off or drop in municipal pressure.
Multiple 100 gallon per day reverse osmosis membranes squeeze out 95% of total dissolved solids (TDS) and undesirable compounds.
Multiple water-driven pumps optimize clean water production, filling separate reverse osmosis and deionized water storage systems (depending on model).
-DI models produce deionized water with less than 1 ppm total dissolved solids.
Optional zero-waste feature recycles reverse osmosis flush water. No drain water!
Pushbutton monitor alerts when TDS rises above preset limit.
Supplies all the dental water required in your practice. Three models allow customization to the needs of your practice.
Produces mineral-free (deionized) water for use in your autoclaves and instrument washer.
Produces low-mineral reverse osmosis water ( in all -RO models). For operatories, the RO water is disinfected via UV light (-RODIUV model only).
Produces 8 gallons / hour*. Productivity option available for cold climates.
Optional zero-waste feature recycles reverse osmosis flush water.
Works directly from municipal water.
Multiple installation location options.
Economical - Creates dental water supplies directly from municipal water supply.
Reduced maintenance - Reduces scale. Increases boiler energy efficiency.
Green - Eliminates boiled distilled water. Zero-waste feature for water efficiency.
Labor saving - Eliminates storage and staging of water bottles.
All DWS-HERO models include a 10 gallon (7.2 gallons usable) High-Flow storage tank, a sterilization center manifold and a chrome airgap faucet. HERO models -RODI and -RODIUV include also include a separate 4 gallon (3.2 gallons usable) storage tank and a red faucet exclusively for use with the DI water output. The manifold includes two male garden hose fittings for instrument washers and a 3/8" PTC fitting for the faucet. The manifold connects to the DWS-HERO with " poly tube, allowing for easy equipment room installation. Note: the Miele G7881 Dental Disinfector rinse cycle uses 2.5 gallons of deionized water.
4, 10 & 14 gallon water storage tanks.
Retractable red deionized water faucet for filling autoclave reservoir. (DWS-DIHR)
Zero Waste RO flush water recycle feature (requires access to hot water plumbing)
Input water temperature control (requires access to hot water plumbing)
unit  width: 20"   Input TDS:  <1000 ppm
unit height : 20"   Input IRON: <0.3 ppm
unit depth : 8"   water input: cold water system
weight (wet): 40 lbs.   waste water output: hot water system
weight (shipping): 40 lbs.   RO tank capacity: 3.2 gallons usable
Operating Pressure : 100 PSI   DI tank capacity: 7.2 gallons usable
Input Pressure : 30-110 PSI   Power required: 120 VAC
Input Temperature: 40-100 Degrees F   Warranty: 1-year limited, excluding consumables
Optimal Input Temperature: 85 Degrees F      
The HERO is a High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis water supply, designed to meet the unique water requirements of the modern dental practice.

Engineered to produce the volume and quality of water required by modern autoclaves and instrument washers, the HERO comes in five distinct models to fit perfectly into your office.

Best of all, the HERO's Zero-Waste feature recycles the reverse osmosis flush water through your hot water system instead of pouring it down the drain.

Enjoy spot-free instruments, copious amounts of pure water, and the latest in 'green' water technology with our DWS-HERO.

Eliminate bottled water in our lifetime
DWS-HERO Cut Sheet
DWS-HERO-RO Install Guide
DWS-DIHR Hose Reel Install Guide
DWS-HERO-RODI Install Guide
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