*Actual lab report is available upon request. Actual filter life is based on the amount of water used and quality of the water supply. Filters at most practices survive the full one year maintenance interval.

**If inlet pressure (PSI) is less than 50PSI, please call the factory for recommendations.
NOTE: When specifying the DWS-POE unit for your building, check plumbing equipment supplied for the bathroom toilets. If tankless toilets are used, a special filter set will be substituted and care will be taken during installation to ensure low pressure problems are avoided. Please specify on the purchase order that tankless toilets are used at your practice.
housings :  20" reinforced polypropylene   chlorine removal :  >150,000 gallons @ 7 GPM
min. PSI : 50 PSI   dimensions : 31" high, 26" wide, 9" deep
max. PSI : 65 PSI   shipping weight : 79 lbs. (82 lbs. w/ bypass)
max. water flow : 15 gallons per minute   UV lamp life : 9000 continuous hours
max. temp. : 100 degrees Farenheit   UV lamp output : 60,000 microwatt/ cent. squared
restrictions : avoid direct sunlight   UV lamp watts : 25 watts
pipe size : 1- 1/2 inches   filter flush-flow rate : 3 gallons per minute
1st stage filter : 50-micron outer wrap;
  5-micron inner wrap
  recommended flush frequency : 3-4 times per 24-hour period
2nd stage filter : 1/2-micron carbon block      
For any questions, please call us toll-free at 1 (800) 676-7873, or e-mail us at sales@osopure.com
POE/ POE BYPASS Filter & UV Lamp Maintenance
DWS-POE Cut Sheet
DWS-POE Install Guide
DWS-POE BYPASS Install Guide
DWS-POE-TUG  Timer Upgrade
¾ inch by-pass assembly unit, with or without 24 VAC shutoff valve with a step down transformer, ready to install.
Remote lamp-out-indicator, installed where a staff member would likely notice a disinfection failure (front desk).
An audible lamp-out alarm to immediately notify staff of a UV lamp failure.
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   The Pathogen Predator’s™ patented self-cleaning function is the hottest new feature in water treatment apparatus. We created the self-cleaning mechanism to solve the problem of premature filter clogging in an “always on” dental office. Traditional backwashing technology requires frequent water system downtime to reverse flush special backwash filters. Instead, O-SO Pure’s method allows your water to remain online during every flush cycle. The control module is set at the factory to flush the outside of the filters three times daily, rinsing away debris as it accumulates. Independent laboratory test analysis confirms the self-cleaning mechanism reduces premature filter clogging by up to 80%**. However, any Point-of-Entry filtration system can become clogged prematurely in areas of new construction, older buildings with corroded pipes, water main maintenance, even testing of fire hydrants by the local fire department.
   Water quality varies greatly between cities, sometimes even within a city as the water plant blends water from surface and underground sources. For such cases, the Pathogen Predator's™ control module has optional settings that can help to extend the filter maintenance interval to the normal 12 months.
   The Pathogen Predator™ should be specified as a tool to help the practice comply with EPA clean water regulations and ADA guidelines for contamination in dental unit waterlines, not as a tool to clean up a known sediment problem in the input water source. If your water source has a known sediment problem, installation and routine maintenance of a pre-filter will help ensure normal operation of all your practice's water-based equipment.
Eliminates noxious pathogens from your practice’s water supply.
Disinfects your entire practice’s water supply with proven ultraviolet light technology.
Protects patient and staff health.
Reduces your practice’s legal risk.
maintain normal operations during a 'boil water advisory'.
Disinfects all of the water entering your practice, regardless of use.
Installs at your practice’s water point-of-entry.
Introduces no chemicals into the water supply.
Traps impurities down to 1/60th the diameter of a human hair.
Removes contaminants, improves taste.
Exclusive self-cleaning technology extends filter life.
Combine with O-SO Pure’s Biofilm Obliterator™ (DWS-DPU) for a complete waterline infection control program.
Bars waterborne pathogens from entering your practice.
Disinfects your water supply while removing chemicals.
Part of a complete dental unit waterline sanitation protocol.
Replaces purchased bottled water in your operatories, reducing the expense and clutter of bottled water solutions.
Eliminate bottled water in our lifetime