Disinfected water throughout the whole practice
Biofilm elimination throughout the whole practice
Disinfected reverse osmosis operatory water
Deionized water for autoclaves & instrument washer
Master water shutoff solenoid and control box
DWS-POE- Pathogen Predator  w/ ¾" Bypass
DWS-HERO-RODIHigh Efficiency Reverse Osmosis and Sterilization Center Water Supply
DWS-DPU- Biofilm Obliterator waterline disinfection purging unit
DWS-DIHR retractable red faucet
Biofilm Obliterator
Pathogen Predator
O-SO Pure’s Predator Complete™ is a great package to build into a new office, although it can be retrofitted into existing offices. O-SO Pure’s DWSP-202 implements the ADA’s guideline for dental waterline contamination for the practice’s entire water supply. Operatory water is sterilized and dissolved solids reduced, leading to reduced maintenance and increased uptime of dental instruments. The sterile water produced can be plumbed direct to the operatories or to a faucet. It provides sterilization center water for autoclaves as well as the Miele dental disinfector. The retractable red faucet extends to the autoclave reservoir for direct filling.
O-SO Pure’s methodology for effective control of waterline contamination relies on three key strategies:
disinfect the municipal water delivered to your practice - The Pathogen Predator is an ultraviolet firewall which bars viable cellular organisms from entering your practice via the municipal water supply. After two stages of filtration, the water supply passes through an ultraviolet light chamber where it is subjected to UV-C light, disrupting the ability of all waterborne organisms to replicate. Special modifications extend the life of the Predator’s filters. The supplied copper bypass eases the process of changing filters and incorporates an electrically operated water supply shutoff valve.
disinfect your building and dental waterlines - The Biofilm Obliterator eliminates the bacteria growing in both your building and dental waterlines. It utilizes disinfecting solution, disinfected water from the Pathogen Predator and compressed air from your central compressor to purge your waterlines of biofilm buildup.
monitor your water supply - Periodically test the quality of water delivered via your waterlines to determine when further disinfection is necessary.
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