Whole-Building Point-Of-Entry UV Water Disinfection Systems
No matter how small or large your dental practice may be, O-So Pure has two different sized whole-building Point-Of-Entry systems to best suit your office's particular needs.
For the large-sized office, we recommend our DWS-POE system (shown at right, w/o and w/ copper BYPASS assembly, an optional feature which can be purchased for this system). The DWS-POE provides disinfection of all water as it enters the building or office suite. Monitoring systems and its self-cleaning filtration technology makes this system trouble-free, providing 15 gallons of bacteria-free water per minute. (Once-yearly service recommended)
DWS-POE w/ optional BYPASS
Reverse Osmosis UV Water Disinfection Systems & Deionization/ Combo Systems
DWS-008 w/ 4-gallon storage tank
DWS-008 & DWS-DDI10 w/ 4-gallon storage tanks
This reverse osmosis UV water purification system is designed for three different applications: 4, 10 and 14-gallon water storage tanks. The DWS-008 produces 100 gallons per day of water, reduces 99.998% of bacteria and reduces up to 98% of (TDS) total dissolved solids. The reverse osmosis water may be used to fill chair-mounted water bottles or plumbed directly to the treatment rooms.
Each system comes with 10-inch filters, and a water quality (test) monitor provides enough water for your treatment rooms, depending on your choice of storage tank capacity. Easy to install and easy to maintain. (Twice-yearly service recommended)

DWS-SADI w/ 4-gallon tank
This combination system is actually two systems: The same DWS-008 as described above, along with our DWS-DDI-10 deionization system for providing deionized high quality water for all of your autoclave and sterilization needs. Regardless of what size storage tank you choose for the DWS-008 system (4, 10, or 14-gallon), we also supply the DWS-DDI-10 with its own separate 4-gallon D.I. water storage tank and its own separate red faucet (colored red to remind your staff that the D.I. water from it should NOT BE USED AS DRINKING WATER!) This combination forms a pure water system that can handle extreme municipal water conditions and meet requirements for your sterilization equipment. (Twice-yearly service recommended for the DWS-008, and once-yearly service for the DWS-DDI-10).

                              In short,
reverse osmosis with deionization delivers ultra pure water!
vThis high-quality water is easy on your instruments.
      Reverse Osmosis removes 95-98% of hard water minerals, preventing mineral deposition and corrosion of your high-tech hand
      pieces and  o-rings. As you know, mineral deposits can be very difficult and expensive to remove.

vBetter than bottled water.
      The water provided by the O-So Pure DWS-008 system is purified by an ultraviolet lamp, reverse osmosis with deionization,
      and delivers water of a much higher purity than you can get even from distilled bottled water.

vCheaper than bottled water.
      With rising fuel prices, the cost of delivered bottled water is also going up. Once the DWS-008 and DWS-DDI-10 frees you from
      the delivery charges of bottled water (as well as the staff time wasted on handling it and the problem of storage of bottles),
      your R.O. unit may pay for itself in a short period of time.
- Stand-Alone Deionization System
The new DWS-SADI incorporates three different water treatment technologies into a single system: First, one Dual Purpose Filter (DPF) to reduce dirt and chlorine; Second, a reverse osmosis membrane for reducing other contaminants from the water; and finally, two D.I. filters to reduce minerals, providing low Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) water for use with autoclaves or other sterilization equipment.
DWS-008 w DWS-DDI-10 Combo
Waterline Disinfection & Purging
For use with models DWS-POE, DWS-008, and DWS-MTR-20.

This dental waterline disinfection purging unit disinfects ALL waterlines coming from the above systems. It uses air pressure to force disinfectant liquid through the waterlines and to dry the waterlines after the purge. Holds 1.5 gallons (6 liters) of disinfectant liquid and uses a clear filter housing to monitor the amount of liquid being poured into the sump.

Installation is permanent for easy use by office staff. The unit can save on the cost of disinfectant, since air pressure forces the disinfectant through the dental lines, instead of water. Using water dilutes the disinfectant, and most ordinary dental waterline disinfection systems require up to 3 purges, therefore requiring more disinfectant and a more time-consuming purging process.
For any questions, please call us toll-free at 1 (800) 676-7873, or e-mail us at sales@osopure.com
The HERO is a High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis water supply, designed to meet the unique water requirements of the modern dental practice.
Engineered to produce the volume and quality of water required by modern autoclaves and instrument washers, the HERO comes in three distinct models to fit perfectly into your office.
Best of all, the HERO's Zero-Waste feature recycles the reverse osmosis flush water through your hot water system instead of pouring it down the drain. Enjoy spot-free instruments, copious amounts of pure water, and the latest in 'green' water technology with our DWS-HERO.
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